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goldenfeather ~A joyful girl living in her dreams~
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When you visit a park alone, with nobody elese there, what are the things which fascinates you the most?

The dream Park

Walking alone With a wind which moan

Walking alone With a wind which moan In a park Where sings beautiful lark

Dazzling flowers With aromatic showers Looking so elegant With mesmerizing blend Which can easily earn others tend.

Oh!! What a soft and lofty grass Where one can easily play a brass.

See those trees Surrounded with buzzing bees. Full with jewel-toned flowers Which gives beautiful showers.

Just glance at the beauty of those fountains, Sprinkling water to those small mountains.

My mind says I am alone But my heart No, you're not.

Just take a glance at those Magnificent butterflies On the flowers which lies.

What an environment full of fragnance The quality of my life which enhance.

What a cool aromatic breeze is blowing As the seeds of love are sowing.

Seeing the singing lark I can't park the thoughts of mine, Which is written in those lines:

"This whole world was beautiful as this park, Where in every place sings the lark, But now some are full of melancholy, As they are feeling lonely."

What if this world will be again filled with sweet aroma? Everything will become fine As I am going to mention in this line:

"Everything will be fine It will take just some time Sometimes spring is late Till then everything begin to cover in rime Don't worry the world will again shine."

Thanks for reading! By: Ritvika

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