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goldenfeather ~A joyful girl living in her dreams~
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Note: Read it slowly😊

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28 August, 2020 Dear Commaful, It really feels so soothing to talk with you like this. It's really a special day for me. Can you guess??? Is it my birthday? Then if it is that you think, so.... 😊

You are absolutely

You are absolutely WRONG!!!

You remember when I came to you in search of comfort three months ago? Yes... that's it. I was fortunate enough that I found you today, on 28th of May.

Oh! I still remember how calm and charming those days were! In the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, it felt like I found a golden key for an enormous treasure!

I see, you have grown up a lot dear, in these three months. Cherished with love and care of a sweet family, not related by blood, but related by mind and heart. You love it, don't you?

And of course about me, I too love to be with you💕 When I started my journey, there were not more than 8-10 people who used to like my writings. And of course,

I was a bad writer back then (although not good enough now😅) But you inspired me to let write more and more, improving my poems. I'm so grateful to you.

There is also a beautiful family, whom I begin to regard as my own. Let it be from behind the screens, but we support eachother, help eachother, we want to keep a smile on every face and

everytime we shower love on a person, to let him grow more. You know one thing, you really were AMAZING Commaful.

Yes... you WERE amazing. Today as I watch you, it seems like dark shadows are hovering over the skies, which was so calm and beautiful a moment ago and suddenly everything changed.

You're not the same now. You're not that Commaful I have known for three months. You feel it deep inside yourself, don't you?

You can sense the growing hatred day by day. People are making racist remarks, developing hatred against the citizens of some countries and more than that,

They are compelling others to end their life? I mean, this is the most terrible thing. I'm unable to bear that. It's unbelievable. I know, you're suffering too.

But... but this is not the time to get drown in the pool of sadness. If we are together, we can do anything, have you forgotten that?

Just have some faith in yourself and others around you. Love is the best weapon against hatred, and that's what we have to do.

Dear Commaful, you were amazing and you will always be. Just make your surroundings hundred times more sweeter than a strawberry cake💕💕

Let us shower a thousand of kilograms of love💕💕💕💕💕 You are lovely Commaful, you are sweet and we won't let you to be degraded by just few bunch of stupid people.

So it's time for us to change everything.

So it's time for us to change everything. #stopthenegativity #spreadthelove #savecommaful

❤️Yours sincerely❤️ 💕Ritvika 💕

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