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Once upon a time... There was a giant
By alexis123

In the Park of Heaven

by @alexis123

Once upon a time...

There was a giant Very cruel from mind

But with a beautiful park

Where sings the lark.

Then a day came It was not same From the others days

Giant went to visit His friend In his absence something came with a twist.

Small children peeped through the hole And began to play on their own.

They swing on the branches For the trees, they dances Flowers begin to sing beautiful song And children covered distances too long

What a beautiful time In the absence of giant

But..... When the giant came He saw his garden full of kids And don't know who is the one to be blamed.

He shouted and said- You are not the one alloweded This is my park And here sings beautiful lark.

It was mere To make the children scared They could. Nothing say And ran away.

The nature of the park Became too sad For them it was too bad.

When the spring came It said, the selfish giant is the one to be blamed. It gave fruits to every garden and park and also with singing lark. It made every garden and park full with blossoms So that they will look awesome.

But to the giant's park It gave nothing. The park was full of sadness And the giant was the one to be in pure madness.

The only people happy were Rime and frost Seeing the spring lost They did a lot of fun there.

They called their friend hail By sending a mail That now, it's our time to sail.

The garden was filled with sadness And the giant was drowned into a pure madness.

One day, he heard a song Sitting from his window But the sound was low It seems like in his park There was singing a lark

He saw through his window The most beautiful scene It had a lot to mean

The garden was full of blossoms It was looking so awesome The kids peeped again through A small hole To their favorite goal. The nature was in gay That's why spring visited He was seeing everything by sitting.

When the children saw the giant They began to run away But the giant said There is no need to be afraid. Now the garden is yours You can play a lot And come here whenever you want.

He was no more selfish!

He began to love the kids so much That sometimes he gave them lunch. The kids also loved the giant And whenever they go to their home They come to the giant To say good bye!

On one day On a corner of the park The nature was not looking in much gay.

On the branch of a tree He found a kid Saying, "Who dared to wound thee? "

There were print of nails on the hands And the same on the feets

"Who dared to wound thee? " said the giant "I will slay him with my sword if you want"

"Oh not! These are the wounds of love My beloved!"

A strange awe fell on to the giant What happened to his mind? He kneeled before the child

"You led me to play in you beautiful park Now come to mine, Where sings the lark."

When the children came to say goodbye to their bosom,

They saw, He was all covered with blossoms.

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