Golden Comma Award Interview: @fathomless
Golden Comma Award Interview: @fathomless golden comma award interview stories

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Golden Comma Award Interview: @fathomless

Just another writer seeking comfort in words.

The Journey To Golden Comma;

Writing what's on the top of my mind, and writing out everything that I wish to say at that very instant is what got me here today.

What This Award Means?

To me this award is not just a memento of how far I've come as a writer, but also a reminder of all the wonderful people in this community, and their constant support.

To Supporters And Those Who Nominated:

I'd like to thank each and every one of you for making my time here on commaful absolutely joyful, and of course thank you for having faith in my writing :))

Advice To Community:

In writing stories, the ultimate way to ensure success is by breathing emotions into your story and ensuring that your readers can picture every moment. Good luck !!

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