Golden Comma Award Interview: @bookishmuggle
Golden Comma Award Interview: @bookishmuggle golden comma award interview stories

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Golden Comma Award Interview: @bookishmuggle

I am a sixteen year old girl and I love to read, write, and play soccer.

The Journey To Golden Comma

I had just joined Commaful when I saw the “bad guy wins” contest and thought it would help me get more exposure. So I wrote an HP fanfic for it and people loved it!

What This Award Means

I feel really honored. I’m not a super popular creator, so I’m shocked and ecstatic that enough people noticed my story!

To Supporters And Those Who Nominated

Thank you all so so so much! I didn’t write a ton before I joined Commaful and you guys encourage and inspire me every day! I have learned and grown so much. 😊

Advice To Community

Honestly, that was my first fanfic ever. I don’t have a ton of experience or advice. But what DEFINITELY helped me was re-reading the canon scene that I manipulated.

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