The Storybook Life I Wrote Without You In It
The Storybook Life I Wrote Without You In It poetry stories

goddesswriter90 Community member
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I wrote this poetry from the hurt I felt in my heart


The Storybook Life I Wrote Without You In It

Pencil to paper I started to write,

The fairytale of our existence.

Word for word, I wrote of how our worlds unite,

Expressing my constant efforts and persistence.

Coming to a crossroads between the beginning and now,

Waiting for the next sentence to appear,

When it dawned on me that you've let me down,

Never telling you the truth, in so much fear.

Scared to lose the one I've loved most,

Realizing this story hasn't even began,

This story was about a past ghost,

Of a nonexistent figure, a fictitious man.

You did exist once upon a dream,

Once in a realm, one I created,

But once I had you, it wasn't what it seemed,

All you really did was show to be negated.

I unwrite you from my chapters, I erase you from my story,

This is the last time I wonder what happened, or even just worry.

You weren't the prince that rode up to rescue once before,

In fact never the prince, but a damn whore.

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