It's Now or Never

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I'm not gonna tease you, just read.

It's Now or Never

One way in and one way out. We knew our orders and we knew what we had to do, the only problem was time.

We must get in, meet with the Colonel and hustle back to the rendezvous point by 24:00 hours. The mission was a go.

As we pulled in the driveway we were greeted by an abundance of cars. This could only mean one thing.... We got trouble boys.

The company quickly flanked to the entry point. Once inside we came face to face with a mob of people. The troops tried to stay calm but everyone knew what was at stake.

We asked the people what they were here for and they all said the Colonel. We were stuck.

So we did what ever good soldier that follows orders does, we waited. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes felt like hours. But then it was finally our time for the Colonel.

And the first thing I said was, "I'd like a medium #4, extra crispy with mac and cheese and mashed potatoes". Because you gotta go extra crispy at KFC. Me and the troops even made it back to work before lunch break was over. Sometimes you gotta risk it all for fried chicken.

Mission Accomplished!

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