Out of Darkness, Light
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Out of Darkness, Light

The waters are treacherous Survival is dim, Yet this vessel pushes forth Retreat isn’t for him,

Darkness closes in Demanding control, He refuses to be governed To him this is no toll,

His beloved vessel cries out for refuge The storm destroying its being, But he knows to give in doesn’t mean freedom For it never comes to those that are fleeing,

“Bring on your rage, your fury, your damned wickedness!” “For you shall not take me under!”, The storm matches his anger Beckoning vicious waves and deafening thunder,

He searches for the horizon Hoping for a guiding light to prosperity, But his view becomes overtaken A towering wave determined to end his humanity,

For the first time he briefly considers turning back Riding the wave back to desolation, But instead he tightens the sails Ahead he goes with determination,

Triumph is implausible But he thinks better to die than live defeated, He approaches the base of the tidal giant Prepared for this endeavor to be completed,

The bow of his ship faces up towards the dark clouds Fighting forward with all her might, The storms power is fully felt at this moment As his surroundings feel like a deadly, moonless night,

He wills the ship onwards Reaching the pivotal crest of the wave, In an instant his fate will be determined Though his soul too gone to save,

The bow of the ship starts to lean back He feels his demise is near, Yet he remains headstrong Refusing to go in fear,

He feels death is oh so close And he prepares for a greeting, For once his eyes are wide open As light and pupils embrace this meeting.

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