I'd Like to Fold, Please
I'd Like to Fold, Please slave stories

gmrutled 22 | new to poetry
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My feelings aren't as grim as this poem, but I find this is an interesting aspect of life.

I'd Like to Fold, Please

They say "we're all dealt our own hands in life"

But what if we don't like our hand? What if we don't think we can win with our hand?

If we're all dealt a hand, then why can't I fold? I'd like a better hand please.

This hand isn't working for me It doesn't make sense.

Why do I need a miracle to win?

That person over there was dealt a full house I can't even make a pair with my cards.

They say this is how life works But why?

It shouldn’t work like that Should it?

I didn’t choose my cards I didn’t ask for this hand in life

I'd like to fold I'd like another chance

I'd like to be dealt a new hand.

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