Beautiful Pain
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gmrutled 22 | new to poetry
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For those who need to hear this right now

Beautiful Pain

22 First job out of school, Tasting success But with life I’m no fool,

Hard times have come before And they surely will again, Hard times presently upon us And I’m now with the unemployed men,

Surely I'm frustrated For this I cannot hide, But I know life is a journey And I must go with the tide,

As one door closes Another shall shows it’s face, Who are we as people If we do not fall from grace,

In the cruelest moments of life We learn who we truly are, We must embrace hardship head-on Not merely look from afar,

Staying down is easy Resilience is the true test of man, So I urge all to step up Fight back against life as best you can,

For what is life without hurdles But a meaningless quest, Opportunity lies in the struggle Belief in yourself will conquer the rest,

Hold tight to those you love But believe better days will be here soon, Never doubt yourself You can reach beyond the moon,

Stay safe and strong my friend For you will surely overcome, Life is mysterious in its workings But to despair we shall never succumb.

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