Swimming with the stars
Swimming with the stars  poetry stories
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glue_me_back Darling, I love to make you smile.
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A poem about broken pieces and the stars <3

Swimming with the stars

Take me on your sail boat, that cuts seamlessly through the starry night, Take me where it glimmers Where moonlight hugs me tight.

And though I have yet to smile, the grin of stars stretches for miles, Painting the cobalt sky with lanterns that leave me utterly speechless, dancing to the night.

The beat of the universe is hoarse and strong, an endless heartbeat, a tireless drum, I sway and melt into the cosmos, where stars accept me as their own, The music, so quiet, fills my ears and I feel myself start to f a d e.

Swim where the light shines in the dark, a reflection of our condolences Of streams of carts that wheel our sorrows and broken dreams away.

Let the ink fill your paper, the starry black colour that writes its own song There for you to sing along, with their stars and their enchanting melody.

A swirling cloud of twinkling cosmos, sweeps me to the ground, Of broken hearts and shattered parts that are lost and n e v e r found.

The pieces you still have within you, don't throw them away, keep them, embrace them, fix them day-to-day.

And when time is running, and the monnlight feels sparse, Just close your eyes, take your self far, Feel the night consume you, and go swimming with the stars.

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