Rudolph the Santa-saving reindeer
Rudolph the Santa-saving reindeer saving-santa stories
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After Santa "retires" and disappears, along with his wife, the reindeers start to get scared. But when one by when they start to disappear too, what will Rudolph do? The story of how Rudolph saved Christmas (again).

Rudolph the Santa-saving reindeer

December 4th: 'Rudolph, we should be getting to the shed for prep and stuff.' Prancer said to Rudolph, who was chweing his grass slowly. "The shed", was slang for Santa's worshop in the North Pole. Rudolph had taken a long break from his job and gone grazing in North America with Prancer, his best friend.

'Yeah...' replied Rudolph, taking another slow munch of his snow-covered grass. Prancer gave a sad smile, 'Look, Rudolph, I know it's sad that Santa retired...without saying goodbye... but I'm sure you'll see him again, and his Right-hand Elf, Kori, is brilliant!' Rudolph looked up at prancer with his intense eyes, glowing under the dim light that his red shining nose gave off.

'Santa would never do that.' huffed Rudolph, pawing at the grass, 'He rescued me from a life of exclusion and torment, and after all these years he wouldn't just disappear without a reason!' Prancer had a guilty expression, 'In my defense, Dasher was the one that mostly called you names.' Rudolph smiled, 'All is forgiven, Prancer. And now I have 8 great friends.'

'Well,' said Prancer, 'Santa did have a reason! he's retiring after many years of travelling the world helping children globally. Don't you think he deserves a break?' 'Of course!' exclaimed Rudolph suddenly, 'But not like this..'

With a kick of their back legs, their muscles rippled with magic and soon both were zooming swiftly through the starry night sky, leaving a trail of palish yellow shimmer behind them. It took them 2 hours to go from North America to the North Pole.

'Prancer, hey! Rudolph, my man!'shouted Comet, who had the reputation to be a little...overexcited. 'Hi Comet,' Rudolph replied, smiling, making his bright nose glimmer a little brighter. 'Did ya hear?' asked Cupid softly, 'Santa's retiring.' Rudolph nodded sadly towards her, 'I know.'

'Yo,' said Blitzen, 'Ms Klaus is gone too!' 'What?' cried Vixen, who was always with Blitzen (they were best friends), 'She said she was going to greet us! Where is she? She must be around here somewhere...' 'The elves are still here.' claimed Donner. All 9 of the reindeers were gathered together by the stables, talking.

'Maybe we should ask Kori. She IS Santa's Right-hand Elf, right? Isn't she in charge?' said Dancer, and the otheres nodded in agreement. 'Ok,' said Rudolph, 'Vixen, you talk to the elves the most. Go find Kori and report back.' Vixen neighed slightly in agreement before galloping off into the massive workshop behind the stables where all the factories and offices were.

December 7th: 'Where would she be!' cried Blitzen, for his best friend, Vixen was still nowhere to be found, 'we need to find her.' 'No point.' said Prancer, 'We would just get lost.' 'Vixen didn't get lost!' exclaimed Blitzen, 'She knows the workshop lik the back of her hoof.'

Everyone turned to face Rudolph, who was sitting on the snow, deep in thought. 'Well?' asked Dasher, starting to get nervous (and Dasher was NEVER nervous). 'Yes, the worshop is massive, but as reindeers, we have great coordination and tracking skills.' mentioned Rudolph, 'Vixen would be back by now...'

'Someone should go find her, and Kori as well. Since that elf is the leader now, she would know what to do.' said Donner. 'He's right.' Rudolph confirmed, 'But who's is going to go?' 'Me!' shouted Comet, 'I'm a strong deer, I can take whatever is in our way.' 'I'll go too.' said Blitzen, 'Vixen is my best friend. She needs our help!'

Comet looked at Rudolph for approval. He nodded, and with a kick, both reindeers were off flying into the workshop. Prancer and Cupid, meanwhile, were talking quietly, 'Rudolph,' they whispered, 'What happens if those two don't come back either?' Rudolph shook his head, 'They will be.'

December 9th: 'This is not good,' murmered Cupid, 'Not good at all.' 'Stop pacing!' exclaimed Dasher, 'It's not going to do anything!' 'I told you so..' sang Prancer, and Rudolph glared back.

'Ok,' said Rudolph, 'Cupid is right. And so was Prancer. This is bad. Very, very bad. It's nearly christmas and Santa has disappeared, as well as 3 of the reindeers. If you ask me, this has something to do with Kori.' 'You think she'll help?' wondered Dasher, but Rudolph shook his head, 'I think she is the problem.'

Suddenly, Ropes were thrown over their heads and leather straps pinned them down onto the floor. The 5 remaining deers lay there wriggling as a their eyes were covered with blindfolds. 'Lock them up.' Spat a familiar voice, 'with the other ones.' Kori walked away as the other elves struggled to drag the reindeers to a secret location.

December ???: It hadn't been longer than 4 days, Rudolph knew. But he was locked, alone, in a cold cellar, with nothing but the glow of his nose as light. Every now and then he heard a clash or a shout, but mostly it was completely silent. He couldn't take it any longer. He was cold, hungry and angry.

He kicked the door with all his might after he heard nearby elves walk away on their next shift with the pitter-patter of their feet. After what felt like hours of tireless and painful kicking and pushing, the door of the cellar gave way and Rudolph trotted out, breathless. He saw rows of the same cellars, where he assumed his friends were.

'Prancer,' he hissed, in search of his best friend, 'Prancer!' 'Rudolph? Is that you?' He heard a voice reply. 'Yes! It's me! Help me kick the door down, then we can free the others.' With both of their strength combined, the door smashed open immediately. 'Oh, Rudolph!' Prancer exclaimed when she saw him, 'where's Santa?'

'I'm not sure. We have to find him now! We'll free the others after - we can't be discreet with 8 reindeers running around; 2 is already enough!' said Rudolph, as he started to gallop away. They flew through the empty corridors, avoiding the main factory premises and busy offices of Superior elf workers and, obviosuly, Kori's room.

'wait!' exclaimed Prancer after nearly an hour of flying across the Workshop grounds, 'I have Santa's trail! I smell him and Ms Klaus - they're around the corner. Where they heard shouts. And cries. Of Santa.

There he was, no longer the radient, jolly man he once was; now he was behind bars. He was curled on the floor, his hair grey and matted, his red and white clothes ripped and stained. His eyes were full of fear and helplessness, and he was holding Ms Klaus tightly in his arms. 'Prancer? Rudolph?' he said, barely audible, almost at the brink of tears.

'Wha- what happened to you?' cried Prancer crouching down next to him, as Rudolph did the same. 'Kori,' Santa said, 'She became greedy. She wanted more control and wanted to change Christmas. She wanted to take charge...overthrow me, change the rules forever. Kori also knew that you reindeers were loyal to me.. so she kidnapped you all too!'

'Well, ' said Rudolph, 'We are loyal to you because you are loyal to us - you saved me. You saved all of us from a life of normality. You are kind and selfless and no elf should treat you like that, never.' 'Go!' cried Ms Klaus, crying, 'Save Christmas before Kori ruins it forever!'

'And where do you think you're going?' Growled Vixen behind Kori. Before, Prancer had freed all the other furious reindeers whilst Rudolph tracked down Kori, and all of them circled her, Santa riding on Rudolph's strong back. 'I did you pests escape?' She cried.

' You can't get away with this..' growled Santa, 'I chose you as my second in command because i trusted you...i knew you would do well! I was so blind to the evil within you.' Kori looked guilty, and threw her arms up. 'It wasn't only me, Sir. Other elves wanted more control too. I just happened to be at an advantage.'

'Your days are over. You kidnap me and those I treasure most. You're going to be locked up in those same cellars for a long time, Kori. You and the other evil elves too!' Santa cried. Comet and Donner escorted her away. 'Cupid,' said Santa, 'track down the other rebels. I need to have a talk with them.'

January 2: 'Reindeer of the year goes too...Rudolph! For saving Christmas once again!' The elves, reindeers and local townsfolk all clapped as Rudolph stood proudly, making the room shine a bright red, and a big, golden medal was placed gently on his neck by Ms Klaus. 'Merry Christmas everyone!' Rudolph shouted.

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