How to get rid of a crush. (pt1)
How to get rid of a crush. (pt1) love stories

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A romance realism story about a boy who has a crush. A crush on his best friend's girlfriend. This is going to get messy and complictaed.
With feelings and emotions swirling around. what will Gabriel do? Try to get the girl of his dreams, or not betray his best friend?

How to get rid of a crush. (pt1)

Warning: it's hard. I mean, really hard.

Especially when she's looking at you. With her cobalt blue eyes. Waiting for you to respond.

'Gabriel?' she asks, 'Stop staring into space and listen to me! For our science project, what approach should we take? Like, a more artistic one or have more writing and facts and stuff?' I blink back into reality. 'Oh, uh, I don't mind.' I mumble, looking away.

She pierces her lips in annoyance. 'Gabriel, my grades in Physics are doing horribly, and i'll get grounded if I get below a D+ again.' She says, frowing, tugging at my sleeve. 'Well,' I shrug, 'Too bad.' Ugh, what am I doing? Being rude never got anyone anywhere.

This time, she rolls her eyes and takes a sharp breath out. 'We were partnered up to do this projet so that you could help me with physics! You're literally the smartest in our class and you refuse to help me?'

I blink in suprise: 'You think i'm the smartest?' 'Well, I uh, in phys- I just...' she stammers, 'Don't tell Justin I said that?' Ugh, Justin. Natalie's boyfriend. My best friend.

'Nah, I wasn't going to anyways.' I tap my forhead smugly, 'because I AM the smartest right?' She mock-scoffs and crosses her arms. 'I'm just saying! You always answer questions AND get them right. You are the smartest out of our class...but that's not saying much.'

'Yeah, yeah.' I respond, pushing her slightly so she squeals and falls onto the grass. We are at the park studying, as she insisted. I knew it would be a bad idea for us to get closer... For a few minutes we sit in silence, scrolling on our phones, supposedly trying to find equations and facts about the movement of light.

But I can see her texting Justin. Sending heart emojis. How am I supposed to feel? I have probably the biggest crush ever on my best friend's girlfriend! That probably breaks most of the bro code rules. Yep. Definitely.

And like, don't get me wrong, Justin is my best friend, I have nothing against him for being so effortlessly good-looking and funny and charming. But for once I wish a girl would notice me instead of him. I mean, Natalie already knew who I was but never really spoke to me. I guess this physics project changed that?

But, Justin also has his flaws. He's very possessive. Shortish temper. Doesn't put much effort into the relationship he's currently in. I am none of those things. Why can't anybody see that?

Natalie stretches and yawns. 'We've been sitting here for half an hour. Let's take a break?' she suggests, with those bright blue eyes, wide and curious. 'Sure.' I say, packing up my scattered pens laying on the grass and drop them into my rucsack. 'Do you wanna get ice cream?' I scoff at her request but then turn to see that she's fully serious.

'Ugh,' she groans, 'don't tell me you're one of THOSE people.' I am suddenly defensive, 'Who's "those" people? ' I shoot back. 'Well,' Nat says, standing up, straigtening her skirt, 'Those people who pretend not to like ice cream because it's "babyish". You're just lying to yourself!' I guess she has a point? 'Fine,' I say, 'let's get some ice cream.'

We walk towards the cafe, while Natalie chatters on, bubbly and sweet, as I smile or nod in response. She seems unaffected by my small reactions. We approach the cafe, when she suddenly turns right. 'Natalie? Where are you going?' I say, as she skips off. To an ice cream van. Oh geez.

'To the ice cream van, silly!' she shouts behind her, running ahead. I sprint to catch up with her, immediately out of breath. I am not built for sports, but aparently she is! When I get to the van, out of breath and gasping, she pulls out a couple dollars and buys an ice cream for herself.

'A whipped vanilla ice cream please! With rainbow sprinkles, strawberry syrup, choco flakes and gummy cherries.' She recites, as if reading a poem she knows very well. I can't help but chuckle, especially when she says 'two please!' Natalie insists on paying, but I won't give in.

'I get it that you order from ice cream vans a lot?' I ask, lauging. She giggles back, 'Not for a couple years actually! But when I was 13 it was my favourite thing to eat. Always. Every day.' She stuffs the ice cream in her mouth, her apple red lips covered in a ring of white, as she continues giggling.

'I haven't had ice cream in a while either. I guess you're right about people thinking it's babyish. When, I guess, it's not.' I reply, licking the melting ice cream thats rolling down the cone. 'Wait till you try the syrup. It's the best thing you'll ever taste.' She mumbles, her mouth full, her tone content.

'I'm sure it can't be that goo-' I have to stop. I must. Because I see Justin walking down the path from the cafe, looking straight at us. He's holding a plastic bag. And his eyes are narrowed and his face is hard.

Like for part 2! ;D

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