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A story about a horse :3

inspired by war horse and black beauty (both amazing books that you should read).

Horse Shoe

'Get her!' voices screamed. Ropes were thrown over her neck, leather straps tightened on her ankles. 'Don't stop 'till ya got her in control.' a snide voice scowled. The horse lay unmoving on the ground, whimpering, kicking, tied up in loops of knots and buckles.

'Good job, boys,' cried Grit, 'she'll be a fine one fortha market.' All the poor horse could do is lay unmoving as she was dragged into the back of the cart.

The farm was loud and busy. The mare didn't like loud sounds. She had spent a life of grazing on fields mostly by herself, and trotting away when she heard distant sounds of shouts and the cry of other animals. This time, she'd been sloppy. She'd gotten caught by those she feared the most.

The lifeless face of cows passed her by as she was lead to her pen. 4 men surrounded the horse, and her muzzle and torso were heavily covered in harnesses and rope. As hard as she tried to get away or stand still, the man behind her would shout and give her backside a slap. So, the mare obeyed.

The horse was beautiful, however, not stunning. Not magazine cover gorgeous. But, she was elegant, patterned just right to stand out in a crowd of horses but also blend in amongst the athletic stallions and dazzling equines.

Her coat was a thick, charcoal grey, with patches of snowy white and splatterings of ink black. Her thick mane, luscious and soft, covered her cobalt eyes, her gentle muzzle always blowing loose strands out of the way. The men shaved her bare and chopped off her hair.

"Lucy!" a voice shouted, "Lucy! Time for tea! Grit an' his boys will be 'ere any second!" Lucy was riding on the shore with her best friend, Will, who was, in fact, Grit's son. Grit was the manager and leader of the show farm in the Scotland countrside, and they were well known for the horses they caught and sold.

Needless to say, Lucy nor Will quite liked being in Grit's presence. "Suppose we better get back soon, or me mum will get mad." Will murmured, leading his horse, Buckley, back to the farm. Lucy rolled her eyes, "Always a people-pleaser, ain't you Will? No one cares if your a wee bit late to supper!"

"You know how my dad gets though." replied Will, not stopping. "Ehh." Lucy shrugged, "He's normally later than you anyways. Probably scaring that new poor horse to death." That made Will pull on Buckley's reins and stop in the middle of the sandy track. "He brought another home?" Will asked.

"Sure did," Lucy said, "Saw him lead the poor beast with his friends down to the pen. A young one this time, but not quite a foal." Lucy's horse, Brim, a black stallian, snorted, snuffling slightly. "Don't worry Brim, I'll feed ya when we get back." Lucy chuckled, as Brim huffed in delight.

Will and Lucy let their horses walk freely, whilst still riding on their backs, through the goldfield meadows. "Don't like it when he brings a young one home." admitted Will, "they always end up getting bought buy some rich rider that treats them poor." "I couldn't agree more." said Lucy.

"Put yur' dress on," scoffed Mrs Gold, Lucy's mum, "Grit an' the boys are gonna be here soon! Will too." "I hate my dress!" moaned Lucy, "too itchy." "Don't be ungrateful. Now go get changed." Mrs Gold demanded. No point arguing with the most stubborn woman in the world, Lucy thought.

"Grit!" cried Mrs Gold, "come in, come in, celebrate with us, come in." Will plonked himself next to Lucy: "Nice dress, " he whispered. She elbowed him sharply in the gut. Will cried out in pain. "I would rather die than wear this thing," she growled, itching her shoulder. "Message recieved!" scoffed Will.

Mrs Gold was a widow. Lucy's father had died when she was only 5 so she didn't remember much. She didn't feel lonely though. Mrs Gold was practically family for Grit and his wife, Rose, and Lucy and Will had each other for siblings.

"So," said Mrs Gold, "I hear you brought another mare home?" "Oh yes," chuckled Grit, "She's gonna mke us some good money!" he turned to look at his wife, Rose, "You know, with that money we could buy duck?" Rose laughed in agreement and nodded, shoving another spoonful of fish caught from the shore into her mouth.

Soon, dinner was finished. "Wanna see the new horse tomorrow?" asked Will to Lucy, who nodded. "It's just," Lucy replied, "I don't want to get attached to it or anything, but sure." They went to their own houses (both on the farm) and went to sleep.

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