Down here, it's all blue.
Down here, it's all blue.

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glue_me_back Darling, I love to make you smile.
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A short, poetic passage about a shipwreck, leading to a hypnotic journey swimming through the dephths of the water.

Down here, it's all blue.

By glue_me_back Enjoy :)

One minute I was sitting in my room, below deck, alone. I was reading my favourite book, listening to the distant wail of seagulls and splash of waves agaisnt the wooden boards of the boat. The boat rocked unsteadily but that was normal. Wasn't it?

The rocking became a hectic pull and push, suddenly throwing me back and forth across my small room. I began to panic. The sky was grey, swirling and churning like an angry beast outside my window and the rain was hitting the glass viciously. The wall collapsed and the floor opened up. Darkness came, and I was drenched.

I felt that for hours I was being rushed somewhere, by an unbreakable pull that was dragging me from deep within my soul. I couldn't breathe, move, see. But it was peaceful.

I gasped, inhaling the air that suddenly filled my lungs. I breathed deeply, swimming in the shallow of the water, taking in the precious oxygen.

I managed to open my eyes, to see an endless desert of calm, swaying blue. Wasn't I on a boat? How long has it been? As afraid as I had been, I felt a strange draw towards the ocean that had once threatened my life.

I felt closer to home, closer to where I was safe and happy. I dove once more, this time willingly. It was all natural to me. The way my legs moved, how perfectly I glided throught the dephths of saphirre blue.

Down here, it's all blue. All your worries, all your anger goes away. When it becomes too much go back for air. And when you're ready you can go back down. Blue.

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