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glue_me_back Darling, I love to make you smile.
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As someone who has struggled a lot with anxiety, as well as so many others, I thought this would be a nice poem to share :))
I love you all!

A n x i e t y

It's dark here. But not quiet. For the raging cloud of 'What if?' is always in sight And when people tell you to stop being dramatic, your darkness turns into a never-ending night.

The stars here are shrouded by the veil of ebony blindness The stars here have lost their glow, The moon here never shows, And all that remains are the far away suns that will eventually die, exploding into rings of vibrancy. You think, 'What a sad way to go.'

Because even what is beautiful causes harm in our eyes. Pain is beauty, right? Because we can't control what happens, in our eyes, We never can see any visible light.

Because... If there is so much bad, why celebrate the good? Remember the rain and not the sun, Only the history and not what has begun.

Anxiety. The voice in our head that is never satisfied Not unless we continue to feed it... our deepest fears, regrets.. We feed ourselves man-made lies.

An eclipse, the allignment of the moon in front of the sun, is damaging to our eyes. So... Only the pain is visible but what isn't harmful is hidden? The lotus never blooms, it only dies.

The lotus never blooms, it only dies... The it blooms lotus never only dies. It's all just a jumble. It can't be fixed.

And though for now, the fear of maybe death? Illness? Loss? maybe schoolwork? may terrify you to the point of no return.. but..

There is always a way back. Because the lotus always does bloom. You might just not see it at first glance. But I promise there is always a way back.

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