Goodbye My Childhood
Goodbye My Childhood sad stories

gloriazhang poems from my Inner Child.
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The bittersweetness of letting go.

Goodbye My Childhood

A few feet ahead there is water,

Vast masses of ocean, thick mist

stretched beyond darkness.

I stare out at the open waves

Rolling and curling gently, up and down

like a floating kite.

The soft wind tickles the hollow of my neck,

Timidly pushing me forth to the water

I can see the pale sky merging with the ocean,

Showing no visible line of horizon.

"Should I?" my inner voice asks.

In my trembling hands I hold the Boat.

Good or bad, the Boat and I have conquered the Seven Seas,

We have battled against the fiercest creatures of the deep,

And spent sunny days resting by the calm pond.

It was so beautiful.


It had to go.

For the very last time, I looked down lovingly at its

Scratched wooden sides and tiny white sail.

All those times, those lovely memories…

Slowly, carefully, I set it down onto the moving water

And stepped back to watch it go.

Minutes and hours passed, and my beloved little Boat sailed majestically

Along the coastal breeze toward the distance.

I watched it entering the thick, hazy mist,

And tears formed in my eyes.

What have I done? I thought.

My lovely little Boat…

Then the Boat was no longer visible.

I knew it had passed the smog and was now in darkness.

It was safe now.

And I smiled, still stained with tears.

It had to go.

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