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gloomynightsky Roses are blue, violets are red
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"You are the thorn in my life" she says breathlessly.


by GloomyNightSky

"You are the thorn in my life" she says breathlessly. "A thorn within my skin, that pokes and tears at my emotions."

Her words seem effortless, although there is a hint of fear behind her filled eyes that tells me she is hurting, no... suffering.

"You are very sharp" she continues "which you use to cut deeper into the flesh of my skin.

You won't leave, you stay no matter how many times I try to pluck you out, and soon you will sink below the surface and deteriorate into my blood. You...

you will devour whatever's left inside of me!"

Her fragile hand rises to eclipse her quivering lips although it does not disguise her fears.

She clenches her eyes together in hope they may wash away the tears, but instead, they fall, fall heavily down the surface of her powdered cheek.

She gathers her words for a minute, before inhaling deeply. I raise my hand to speak...

"No, don't say a word!" She yells, this time forcefully, enough for me to stumble backwards ever so slightly. "Don't bother...

you have said enough! I should have torn out your roots while I had the chance, but I let you stay...I let you grow. Why? Why had I been so foolish..."

She shakes her head vigorously, denying every word, every choice...every second with me. How I wish to say something, how I wish to speak but she refuses to hear the sound of my voice.

I want to calm her, to hold her, to tell her I love...

"But I let you stay...why?"

She ponders for a moment, staring wondrously into the openness of the room. There is a hint of confusion on her face, but it's slowly overcast. She raises her head.

Her lips curve slightly into the dimples of her cheeks. Her eyes...I have seen this expression in her eyes before...

"Why..." She answers, her eyes glaring softly into mine. "Because you were beautiful. You were a rose...and you still are. The day you bloomed my heart stopped and I... I feel in love."

She's walking now, walking steadily towards me. "Your thorns..." She begins "they may be sharp; they may be irritating...but they are also one of the many things that make you beautiful.

They define you, protect you...but they also conceal you. Without your simply cannot live.

You would have been plucked away from the soil on which you feed and snatched from the meadow in which you grew.

You would have been left for days in a vase, slowly decaying with every sunset, simply to make a moment in life seem special.

But, my friend, I also blame your thorns...I blame them for what they have done to us."

Tears dwell in my eyes as she straightens her posture. Her smile drops from her face, much like my heart that sinks to the cold wooden floor.

"I have been slit, cut, torn by your thorns for too long. they forbid me from enjoying your beautiful petals, your silk red petals that I love to feel. They prevent any touch...any love.

Why can't they let me in? Tell me? Why can't they accept this...this thing between us?"

I have no words. I am simply frozen. I cannot contain myself nor stop my stream of tears that slowly fall down the sides of my face, like raindrops on a window.

I want to hold her; I want to love her...but I'm afraid my thorns may hurt her.

"I cannot love you, although it is the truth. I cannot be with you, despite the fact I want to be. I cannot be with your thorns, for your thorns are a part of you.

They are a part that will forever haunt you, no matter how many times you try to cut them off yourself. And for dearest friend I must say my goodbye..."

She's walking away now, trying to hide her pain. I extend my hand hoping she may accept it, but it slips from her grasp. I have to say something...I must!

"Wait!" I cry. "Please..." I shout.

She turns around. Her cheeks soaked in tears.

"I...I... can.... please..." Is all I can say. I can see her turning away, I can see her leaving...

No, please stay, is what I try to say.

But it's useless, for my mouth is filled with thorns.

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