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gloomynightsky Roses are blue, violets are red
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Tell me, what do you see?


by GloomyNightSky

Tell me, what do you see?

A world of colour, a world of light...or a world of darkness and despair?

No need to tell me, I already know...

Light fractures behind the rustling oak trees, and gleams down onto the openness of the hillside meadows.

Here, in this patch of grass, stands thousands of flowers, flowers of every kind, every shape and every shade possible to the human eye.

Soaking every last drop of today's sunlight, the flowers overdose on its energy, for it will soon disappear behind the clouds and eventually behind the mountains and bring forth darkness.

Tell me, what do you see?

...A storm? Where?

How did I not see this before?

It's getting chilly, I can barely feel the tips of my fingers. Come! We must shelter...

A gust of wind blows over the meadows as a grey cloud rolls over the clear sky. Each flower, swerving vigorously as the wind becomes greater.

Some stand tall while others fall into the dampened soil, occasionally dipping their newly bloomed petals into the depths of the mud, staining their beautiful colours and features. Then, rain.

Heavy loads of rain is tipped over the land, drenching the soil until it's nothing but a puddle.

Overwhelmed by the water, some make it through the storm...others fail.

This weather, it shouldn't be here, not now, not ever! It's here to destroy what's left of Summer, ready to roll out the new season and bring forth Autumn.

The peonies are looking deceased, so very frail and decrepit...just waiting to die, much like the daisies that are beginning to lose their petals.

A hurry of wind blows away what's left of the dandelions, along with the remaining limping buttercups.

It's only a matter of time before these warm pastel colours of Summer will slowly dry to become September's hazel colours and over the months, eventually roll into December's evergreen shades... not only celebrate the new year, but a new season.

Tell me what you see?

You see decay, cruelty, you see travesty!

No? Then tell me, what do you possibly see in this ruin? see beauty, here?

Are you mad? Where? Show me!

Within the bundle of shuffling flowers...a rose, unlike any other, stands tall.

Unaffected by the wind or rain, it holds its posture up high and embraces the rain that drools over its blood red petals.

The droplets of water run smoothly over its curves elegantly, like a hand running through silk. Here, within this chaos, it stands proud, it stands stands apart.

Tell me what you see?

You see desire?

Where, I don't follow?

Show me the way, point your direction!

A gather of tulips turn to face the gleaming red rose. They shudder for a moment and fall heavy to the ground, for the wind is so very strong, draining away their last few drops of energy.

However, despite the weather's cruelty, a flushed tulip begins to rise. Then another, and another...

until finally the daisies themselves begin to rise, followed by the buttercups and eventually the entire meadow.

It seems that the rainwater from the storm has bloomed their colours and made them vibrant against the grey sky. The wind sways their petals and showcases their wonderful curves.

Each flower holds their posture up high and glares up into the clouds...commonly turning their attention to the red rose that they quietly thank.

So, tell me...what do you see?

You see hope?

I'm glad, for I see it too.

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