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Did you hear that? That sound?


by GloomyNightSky

Did you hear that? That sound?

My eyes dart open and adjust to the darkness around me. I blink multiple times, painfully straining myself to keep my heavy eyelids open, no matter how great the urge is to close them.

I draw back the sheet, slightly away from my cheek to peer around the room, for I'm too afraid, too frightened to emerge completely from my cotton shield.

There is a creaking sound, so faint and quiet, but enough to make my heart race somewhat. What am I doing? I don't know.

It was just a noise, an irritation within the floorboards and nothing more. Why do I seem so startled, so on edge, by a sound I have heard many times before, on numerous nights like this?

The moon's glare gleams through the silk curtain's fracture, and highlight the rooms features. There, within the bedroom I see my drawers, my desk, my clothes...nothing more.

I swear I heard something...something more than a creak.

It was too sudden, too instant to be nothing, but also too faint and too peaceful to be anything important.

Thought is draining me, and I can feel myself slowly cascading back into the folds of my sheet.

Within a matter of seconds, I rest peacefully and snuggle under the soft curves of the blanket and press my head deeper into the fluff of my pillow.


There it is again!

That sound...that playful sound.

What am I, a child? So startled by such an anonymous sound? My eyelids refuse to close, as my body begins to quiver.

Are you sure there was nothing there?

I swear...I swear I saw something by my desk?

There's something there! There's something standing in the corner of my's looking at me.

I'm too afraid to peer, and instead I dive deeper into the depths of my bed. Hiding under the sheets, I feel my heart beating in my throat, so much that tears begin to swell.

I must fight back, I must look...but I'm too afraid. What could it possibly be? A ghost? A goblin...what?

Stop being such a child, you know there's nothing there...then why don't I go and check?

A thump, this time it's louder.

I cannot tolerate this any longer. I need to come up to breathe, for it's too hot and too warm under these sheets. But if I rise to the surface, I might risk the chance of being caught...

or worse.

A creaking sound. The clearest of them all...that's coming from the corner.

What are you waiting for, turn on the light, draw back the sheet, jump out of bed...anything!

There is a scatter, a floorboard creak and finally a large thump...this time it's beside my bed.

I clench my fists and let out a scream before gathering my strength, kicking back the sheet and launching myself towards my bed side lamp. My hand misses at first but I manage to turn it on.

My eyes adjust to the harshness of the bulb, as I suddenly turn my head to glare around the room to find...


How could I be so immature? When will I ever grow up? This behaviour, shouldn't it have disappeared years ago?

In anger, I forcefully switch off the light and roll over on my side. I clench my eyes shut and sigh loudly, hoping to get some rest before sunrise.

As I close my eyes to rest, there is another creaking sound, although I ignore it.

The monster within the room smiles with delight and takes another step closer...

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