I can hear the sound of waves. I can hear its madness. I can hear myself.
I can hear the sound of waves.

I can hear its madness.

I can hear myself.

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Thanks to those who will read this. Love lots X

I can hear the sound of waves. I can hear its madness. I can hear myself.

I am all alone, standing forward to meet those waves, those enormous indigo waves that could slapped my whole body anytime and float me to death --- to nowhere.

The sky paints the finest gloomy colors, purplish but dark and the streaks of clouds were bright yellow as it gives me a little light, to see and to encounter these waves, these waves that could eat me up to death. My legs were trembling, my eyes are wet and my heart was screaming, it screams fear.

I feel the touch of the cold wind, it explores my skin like it was a mysterious place, like it’s a kind of nowhere. I try to numb the coldness but it always reminds me how I’m so plain, that I need to feel this, I should feel coldness... coldness.... sadness...weakness.

They were coming! I hear those roaring madness! THOSE WAVES!!!

I look furiously to those enormous waves, a tsunami like that could destroy my island. So I prepared for my body, I already packed the whole baggage that I will hold on to, I clenched my fist harder as it produces a tiny blood that drips little by little through the water, I closed my eyes and think for a hundred times for how should I get off to these waves...


I slowly opened my eyes and I feel myself crying and now I never cry like this before because crying turns to screaming and I WILL NEVER LET MYSELF GET BEATEN BY THESE WAVES.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” It’s not a silent crying anymore and I do the screaming right now, hoping that everyone here on this island could hear me but all I can hear is my own voice... myself.

I let my arms open, like I’m a bird preparing its beautiful wings, I should feel everything... So I run forward to meet these waves while spreading my arms like a bird and screaming... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

So I stood still As the sound of roaring madness is getting louder... louder and LOUDER! The waves, they’re a beautiful creation but they will be always an idea of the sublime.

As the waves, its water... the hotness of it, traps my whole body for a second. They invade my whole body and so my mind, my delicate mind. But holding on is the only thing that I can do right now, And remembering those brighter days, My sunkissed skin, My happy smile

But I will never have a chance to retrieve my old self for it is absolutely never ever getting back.

I chose this. But the brighter days that makes my island shine a little is what I’m holding on for. So get out and stop invading my delicate mind.


And for I know, this is not just the violent wave that I will encounter, there will be more waves and another ultra-violent waves that will try to conquer me. I know.

I saw my reflection as the waves slowly melt and turning back to its form.

I’ve made it.

I made it, again.

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