3 months
3 months  love #deep #sad #poetry #life stories

glitterbug Passionate about poetry 💕
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I wrote this a while ago and let me just say it’s been A LOT more than 3 months 🙃 but I’m better now I just don’t think I will ever not feel something, especially if he never gave an explanation or even said goodbye... love that for me

3 months

It’s been 3 months Since I saw your face And heard your contagious laugh And felt butterflies Every time you spoke

It’s been 3 months And your still stuck in my head After all this time And now your birthdays coming up But I can’t reach you

It’s been 3 months 3 long months of missing you And you have no idea about how much I think about you Because I don’t know if your safe Or if your scared Or where you are

Because it’s been 3 months... 3 months too many

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