Attack attack stories
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glitter_ivy ~*born with glitter in her veins*~
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Kohl eyes smudged in waterline


Kohl eyes

smudged in waterline

outlining hate

envious for what was mine

pack of hounds with bully teeth

Hurling poison with words of fire

One alone against a wall

for conflict no desire

but when bruising fingerprints and red spit attack a signal says i must fight back

A pulse of range explodes

On the dirty pack

And friend grow with anger

And fists grow thorns

to peirce the horns

Of those dirty goats

without scorn

and the light rises above the bad

and today I still sad

of been the target of envys fun

but atleast alone I stood and won

with the help of Angels that aided the attack

Who swung their swords

and swarmed the enimes

and broke the painful chords

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