Yandere Human Greninja x Reader: I did it all for you....
Yandere Human Greninja x Reader: I did it all for you.... yandere stories

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Yandere Human Greninja x Reader: I did it all for you....

HELLO, HELLO! Welcome to my yan's :D! Anyway, dis one is one of my first so, and yeah, you're maybe wondering why i did gren.....i don't really know tbh...

Anyway! Let's jump in! Oh, and dis is a 16+ read! And dis is the alola region! Now, enjoy~ >:)

Chapter one.

(Y/n) P.O.V Today was a nice day out...me and Greninja was walking in hau'oli city. Shoping, talking with some friend's, oh....and something happend the other day..

The other day, Greninja and me, both woke up to him being human!


Anyway, it was kind of fun, i mean he's now human!

"(Y/n)?" Someone said

I then saw who snap'd me out of my thoughts.

It was Greninja

"Oh..hey, gren!" I said to him.

"You're all way's in you're thoughts, (C/nn)~" He said. (Cute nick name)

"Hey! Don't call me that!" I said to him.

He just chuckle at me.

"Hey, when are you're friend's gonna get here?" He ask'd me.

"Hm? Witch friend's?" I ask'd him.

"Ya know...Sun and Moon!" He said to me.

"Oh yeah" I said to him.

"So....when do you think that there gonna get here?" He ask'd me.

"Hmmm, i donno" I said to him.

"Well....stay here. I'll just go look for them!" He said with a bright grin.

"Well....all right i guess, just come back home when you found them!" I said to him.

"All right! Got it! See ya later!" He said with a bright grin and a nod, then he ran off, looking for them.

'I'ma go home now..' I thought, then i star'd to walk home

~Time Skip~

"Finally...home..." I said.

I then walk'd in.

'Huh, he isn't home yet...' i thought.

"Oh well, i'ma just go to bed..." I said then went to bed.

Greninja P.O.V Finally, i NOW see him!

"Time to kill~" I said then chuckled.

"Hey there, Sun!" I said then grin'd.

"Oh, hey greninja!" He said to me.

"Hey...wait, where's (Y/n)?" He ask'd me.

"Oh, you don't need to worry about her anymore~" I said to him.

"What? Wait, wait, wait, what the hell do you mean?" He ask'd me.

I chuckled before grabbing a water shuriken.

(A/N): Wait up! Up next is a killing part! So, if you no like killing, then please don't read dis part! Please don't🥺!!

(A/n): Anyway, with the story now!

I grab a water shuriken, then putted it to his neck.

"H-hey g-grenn-ninja, w-what are y-you d-doing?" He ask'd me.

I just glared at him.

"I'm going to kill you" I said to him.

His eye wide'd as i said that.

He was going to talk but....too late~

I then stabbed with my water shuriken. And did it again, and again, and again.

"S-stop..." He said.

I then grab'd a water kunai, then slit his neck.

Blood got on my shirt, pant's, and maybe my shoe's.

'Damn'nit....his blood got on me..' I thought.

"Great. His fucking blood got on me...JUST GREAT!" I yell'd.

(A/n): Killing is done! For now >:)....

I sigh'd then grab my phone, to call decidueye.

~Time Skip~

"Hey, gren! What is it?" He ask'd me.

"Um, can you pick me up?" I ask'd him.

"What happen'd?" He ask'd me.

"Oh...i-it's...just um, Sun's um...i uh, found 'd him..uh, died.." I said to him.

"WHAT?!" He said to me.

"Uh, yeahhhh, i saw someone fighting him and i try'd to stop the person but, they uh, shot him, so...yeah, sun um, died..." I said to him, acting sad.

"My god....where are you?" He ask'd me.

"Oh, i'm in hau'oli city." I said to him.

"All right. i'm coming! Just stay there, all right?" He said to me.

"Yeah, i'll be waiting..." I said to him.

"All right, bye, see you when i get there!" He said then hung up.

"This was too easy~" I said then look'd at his body.

"You don't need her...." I whispered...


....How was that?

I'ma make more soon! So, if you like'd dis, let me know in the comment's!

BAI, BAI~! ~You're odd friend~

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