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glitchy_red And, nu. You will not make me eat -n-
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Wha ha ha ha! I'm so bored ._.

My nick name's

All right, i've seen some people do this so, why not? Let's do this.

Chey 0/10 NOOOOO, I f*cking hate it! My family call's me this! T^T

Glitchy 10/10 It's cool. Only my neko's can call me this.

Tiny 5/10 Just got it yesterday and, ONLY ONE, ONE PERSON CAN CALL ME THIS!

Red 9/10 It's not bad, one person call's me this but, other's can call me this.

Killer neko 10/10 AHAHAHH! I love this, one of my friend's call'd me this and, i flipping love it.

Pokemon Master 10/10 Y e s.

Spamer 7/10 Well- you know me. I SHALL SPAM!

Anyway, that's all for now! If you got more, comment them! Bai for now, my neko's!

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