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glitchy_red ~Goodbye, forever~
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Ta da! The Contest winner's!

Contest winner's

OKAY, yesterday i flipping pass'd out- Don't judge, i haven't been going to sleep. Donno why-

Anyway, a lot of people join'd! Like- 12- And, a lot of them was great! But, now, it's time for the for the winner's!

3rd Place go's to..

3rd Place go's to.. @skittlesboyo! Even tho they were a little bit late, what they made was cool! They'll get a like and shout out!

Basically, these are the prize's for every one..maybe ->-

2nd Place go's to..

2nd Place go's to.. @melodyj! What they made was amazing! They'll get a like and shout out! And, maybe something else.

AnD! 1st Place go's to..

AnD! 1st Place go's to.. @iidaisfunny! I loved what they made! They'll get a like and shout out! And, if they want this, i'll make them something they want!

So! Thank you all for joining my first contest! What you all made was amazing! I wish i could pick more then 3! If i could, i would most likely pick you all! ^ ^

Goodbye for now, my neko's!

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