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This is a day to be optimistic.


by glennhenley

Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't judge me by how I look.

That these aren't just words on a screen to you, white and insignificant as the next story.

That whether you're dying inside or as bubbly as a sparkling stream You will join me in my melancholy reverie.

That you will spend a few minutes by my side, dreaming of what was and what could be.

When you leave, take a portion of my thoughts with you.

And as you labour through the day, as you sink into sleep at night, spare a moment to think of me.

When you're alone, breathe in deeply. If you're lonely, remember that I will always be there.

If you have not a person in the world, you have a friend in me.

And as you live your life, take a second to brighten up people's colourless days with a brilliant smile.

Share your happiness. Unlike material things, the more you divide happiness, the more it spreads and swells up into a shining mass of positivity.

Whether these words reach you or not Whether they make a difference or not Let them live on in your heart till one day you remember them.

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@michaelschulze Thank you! :) glad it resonated with you :D

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All of the could bees and should bees in the world will never add up to one IS having set myself a taste a few years ago of never letting one day go by without making at least one person smile i understand your sentiment all to well A nice posting