Forbidden birth
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glazewolf caged mind of unsaid words
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Celebration turned grim-
The sad truth of society hiding in the shadows.

Forbidden birth

Flocking around many stood awaiting.

Flocking around many stood awaiting. Many blessings awaited to be bestowed.

The woods surrounding were dead silent Except for screams that echoed.

Screams of pain from a mother that would soon turn to joy. The thought of a smiling young resting on her arms kept her gears grinding.

The screams became louder and louder Fear, Anxiety, Spreading through the expecting crowd.

Then......... All was silent

A different sound grew. A cry. Joy erupted amongst the bystanders.

The mother's eyes soon filled with tears. They flowed uncontrolled.

And yet her face showed no happiness. The tears were ones of deep sorrow. IT WAS A GIRL

The woods once filled with cries of joy now amplified love's wailing. No amount of tears stopped the merciless murders.

Her heart still sore from the sorrow, she took one last look at the limp body in her arms. And she knew her child wasn't the only one that was dead.

That day, A part of that mother's soul took its last breath.

NOTE: This has been an issue that has deeply concerned me for a long time.Female infanticide although illegal is still being practiced in some parts of India.Those monsters see a girl as a mere burden.They forget that they are only here because of a women.They are uneducated on the magic of having a girl.The world is nothing without men and women working together.

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