"I have found you"
            "I have found you" romance stories

glakasa I mostly write while drunk
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Though you may feel like you are no one, non-existent to even yourself. When you don't know who you are and is slowly descending down the well of despair. Fret not! For someone out there is looking for you. Someone out there cares not for your flaws and sees you for who you bloody are. He/she is looking for you. I hope the two of you meet up soon.

"I have found you"

When you looked around and saw nothing but grass going along the winter breeze

The clouds above you non- existent and the ground your feet is planted in is cold

You start to wonder, with questions overflowing your head, You walk around in confusion and wander

You are alone, in this vast plain that stretches through miles, you are left to atone

The sins of yesterday, you know you committed but do not recall

Events that happened in the past that ultimately caused your fall

From grace? No, from your own identity and memories

You are robbed of who you are and stuck at just knowing the fact that you have caused an anomaly

It's painful, with every step you take in this prison you cannot escape, despair slowly creeps onto you

Draining you of your already diminishing color and emptying your bottle of hope that is not that full to even begin with

Then just before the final drop is to be poured to the ground, a voice do you hear

You don't recognize this name

But she repeats it over and over again, her tired but excited eyes tearing up as if saying her efforts are not in vain

She runs towards you, wraps her arms around your neck and whispers something into your ear

I finally found you - Glakasa

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