Footprints through the night

 Footprints through the night genshin stories

glakasa Murder, blood on the water
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A poem inspired by a short story a good friend of mine wrote about the Xioaven ship from Genshin.

*If you are reading this, thank you for the inspiration!

Footprints through the night

My every step is a distance less from you

My every misstep is a tear less, I'd do more if I have to

I'd best time, I'd defeat fate, I'd defy whatever odds there may be

Till every dime of doubt is beaten, each and everything shaken, hope anew

"Do you doubt me?"

The shadows consuming the sun

Dusk approaching, the cold wind bringing about shivers, night has begun

"Don't be"

The moon makes it's presence known

the light of the sun slowly descends into the horizon, but bringing about a new dawn

"I'll find you"

A blazing glory

the orange and fiery hue of the sunset pass,

The light from the stars

"I'll find you"


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