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gjenniferma Community member
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Just a sad poem about a break up.
This is my first time ever sharing my poetry with anybody so I would love some feedback.


Is it love or is it an addiction?

Because I am starting to think that it is both.

You see, I was, and I still am addicted to you,

And the way your presence made my heart skip a beat,

It was and still is euphoric when I imagine myself lying in bed with your arms wrapped around me.

You see when those arms were ripped away from my body,

It was as though the warm comfort blanket that protected by heart had burned up and disintegrated.

And I was vulnerable,

No longer immune to the diseases of sadness and loneliness that you once provided the cure for.

The withdrawal symptoms were severe,

It still feels like the ashes of your comfort blanket are stuck to my heart,

And I am trying to peel them off,

But they are engrained within me.

They are stuck to me, you are stuck to me and I cannot cure this addiction.

They say time is all that is needed to heal wounds,

As though once the ash falls and the memories start to fade

That I still won’t feel the urge to relapse back into my cravings for you.

Because, as you can see,

You were both my love and my addiction.

You cannot have one without the other,

and you, my love, my curse my fixation and my obsession,

Were at one point everything to me,

and now there is never a point where you’ll mean nothing to me

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