The Lonely Girl
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Emma is a girl who grew up without love. Unlike the other kids around her, Emma’s parents were never there for her, not even on birthdays. Emma builds a relationship with God after hearing a voice in her room which allows her to learn a valuable lesson.

The Lonely Girl

The Lonely Girl

Emma was an only child and despite society's idea that parents spoil their only child and shower them with love, Emma's life wasn't quite as pleasant.

She lived with her mother, a famous fashion designer who traveled all over Europe looking for inspiration on her latest fashion designs.

Her dad, a multi millionaire businessman, was always too busy to spend time with his daughter. Emma was lonely and terribly miserable.

She was only thirteen years old and didn't have any real friends since those around her only wanted to take advantage of her social status.

The kids at her school always wanted to befriend her since they knew how rich she was. Those dozens of friends from school didn't really know the real Emma.

They didn't know how she went to sleep crying every night because she thought her parents didn't love her.

They didn't know how she starved herself because one day she dreamed of being a model for her mother's fashion line.

They also didn't know that the saying "money doesn't buy happiness" was utterly true because although she had so much money,

she couldn't buy the love of her parents or a little bit of their time. She hated herself, she thought her parents hated her too since they were never there for her, not even on her birthday.

Instead, they sent the maid to buy her a gift while they were away on a business trip.

They didn't know how much their actions were destroying her, but their ambition was bigger than their love for her.

"God, I don't know what to do with my life," she said out loud after she finished her usual nightly crying routine.

"I will show you the path to self love, you will love yourself so much that you'll forget all those years of sadness. Your love will surpass the love you haven't received from your parents.

And you'll be genuinely happy for the first time in your life," a strange manly voice said.

Emma pushed herself up the bed and with terrified wide eyes looked around her room, the night lamp was bright enough to allow her to see her whole room but she couldn't see anyone.

"Who the hell are you? And what are you doing inside my room," she shouted as she quickly moved to the door just in case she had to escape.

"I am God, and I have come to guide you into a life of happiness. Don't worry my child, you are safe with me.

There is no reason to be afraid, you called upon me and I have come to help you," God said from wherever he was.

Emma was still in shock, "I must be dreaming," she told herself as she softly smacked her face hoping to wake herself up. But she was fully awake and God was really speaking to her.

She was in disbelief, she didn't really consider herself a true believer.

She went to church on Sundays with her Nanny when she was younger, but as she grew older and noticed that God wasn't answering her prayers, she alienated herself away from him.

She thought of him as a myth, but once in a while when she found herself in a dark place in her life, she called for him, hoping that he would come and rescue her from the misery she was living.

"Where are you?," she asked. "I can't see you.

" She looked around the room desperately trying to find something to confirm that he was really there, perhaps a bright light, but there was nothing other than his strong voice.

"I'm here, my child," he answered. "I'm right here with you, and I will be by your side always.

" Emma's eyes filled with tears; she was really talking to God, and this was truly the best thing that had ever happened to her.

She walked back to her bed and thought of something to tell God, but there were so many things she wanted to say and ask that her brain flooded with ideas and she couldn't quite utter a word.

When she finally calmed down, she asked him: "Why did you wait so long to come? I've been so lonely, nobody loves me, not even my parents.

I've called for you so many times that I've almost stopped believing in you.

Why didn't you come sooner?" There was a long silence and Emma thought God had left or that perhaps she had just imagined the whole thing. Before she knew it, he answered:,

"I've come at the right time. I know you need me the most now. I know you've thought about giving up, about ending your life to stop your suffering.

But that is never the right answer to your problems, and I've come to show you the right path. I've seen you suffering, but I needed you to suffer in order to grow.

To become the person you are now; you are stronger than what you consider yourself to be. And now that you're strong, you can also be happy."

Emma smiled from ear to ear, who cares how long she had waited for him to answer her prayers. He was here now, and that was all that mattered to her. He continued:

"Every time you feel the need to talk to somebody, I will be here for you. Just call upon me and I will be there, wherever you are." And with those final words, he went away.

To heaven or wherever it was that he spent his time.

She wondered if it was true that he could be in multiple places at once and if it was true that he would come whenever she called him.

"Thank you, God," she murmured, and fell asleep, with a happiness in her heart she had never felt before.

For weeks, Emma spent time conversing with God.

At school instead of sitting down with her fake friends during lunch, she sat by herself in a lonely corner of the cafeteria and called upon him.

He came immediately and they spent her lunch period talking to each other. She told him about the kids in school, and how they only wanted to be friends with her because of her money.

And although he already knew that, he listened attentively letting her know that she mattered to him, something she had never felt before.

At night, she always told him about her day and how her life had changed now that he was in it. She wasn't as lonely as she was before and she was genuinely happy.

The future, which she hated thinking about, was now full of happy thoughts of hundreds of goals she wanted to accomplish in her lifetime and wonderful memories she wanted to create.

Although she was happy, there were some things God needed to teach Emma and the first thing was the virtue of forgiveness.

Emma hated her parents because she felt like they never really loved her.

She hated them because their money and businesses were their priority while she was left in the care of her Nanny and maids.

She held so much resentment against them, and God knew that with that much hatred in her heart, she will never be truly happy.

"You must forgive your parents, I know they haven't been the parents you have wished for, but they are your parents nonetheless and you shouldn't hold hatred in your heart against anyone.

Hatred drowns you and doesn't allow you to grow, in order to flourish you have to forgive."

Emma couldn't believe God was asking her to do such a thing. She couldn't forgive her parents, they were the reason she had to call upon God in the first place.

Maybe if they had loved her the way parents are supposed to, then maybe she wouldn't have to bother God with all of her miseries.

But God didn't mind, he was glad Emma needed him, but she had to be willing to follow his advice.

After much debate, Emma decided that she will give her parents a chance and try to forgive them. The other advice she would have to follow in order to be happy was to express gratitude.

She needed to be thankful for the things she had in life as insignificant as they might seem.

God suggested that she write down a page on her journal everyday of something in her life that she was grateful for.

So everyday Emma took her pink journal and wrote about the things in her life she was the most thankful for.

Although she didn't have much to be grateful for at the beginning, as she followed God's advice she became happier and the list of things to be thankful for grew.

Emma was thankful for God, he guided her when she had given up on herself, he showed her love when nobody else loved her, and he taught her to be happy, something she didn't even know existed.

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