When You Were Around
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girlwhocandraw Just a misfit in this crazy world.
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A teenager dealing with a personal loss,reminded of all that's been broken. For the daily prompt.

When You Were Around

Watching the waves stumble over each other,full of life.

Watching The sea glass glimmer,under the vibrant sunlight.

How can all these things,so beautiful

How can all these things,so beautiful, h u r t so much ?

Why are tears rolling down, my cheeks

Why are tears rolling down, my cheeks when there's nothing to cry about?

I feel the sand on my t o e s Remembering what fun we had

when y o u were in the picture

In MY picture

I rub my feet,because the sand hurts. It reminds me how you're gone

And how broken things seem

I sob I clench my fists. I want to scream. What use is it? You'll still be g o n e. Everything will still be b r o k e n.

Unless I f i x it.

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