Top 5 worst scenarios that can happen to a Youtuber
Top 5 worst scenarios that can happen to a Youtuber lol stories

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Everybody makes mistakes-especially these youtubers!!! Look at the top 5 worst scenarios that can happen to any youtuber!

Top 5 worst scenarios that can happen to a Youtuber

Whenever you look at a youtuber, you picture their videos all perfect and awesome and.....just cool. Haha,no. Youtubers like us are only human and they make mistakes just like us. So let us ponder this as I reveal 5 of the worst things that can happen to a Youtuber.

Scenario #5 Youtuber is getting ready for a livestream. Their little sister comes in the room with scissors and a towel. Youtuber raises eyebrow. "What are you doing?" "Can we play hairstylist,sissy?" "Haha,uh-no." Little sister waves twenty dollar bill in the air. Kaching! "Of course,you sweet little sister,you!",Youtuber gushes.

10 minutes later..... Little sister holds up mirror to youtubers face. "What do you think?" Youtuber looks at reflection. 'What the frick-" One side of her head was uneven with the other side and bows were all over her hair. Little sister giigles and starts the livestream. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Scenario #4 Animation Youtuber is using a microphone. Puts the microphone on the table. Youtuber leaves the room for a break. The cat gets on the table,and keeps pawing the FRICK out of it,until it falls off the table and breaks tragically. the cat is satisfied,so she gets off the table. Youtuber comes back in horrified. 176 bucks down the drain.

Scenario #3 Youtuber opens facebook page. Youtuber smiles. People post really sweet comments! Wait. Hold on. Youtuber squints at the screen. Some guy's asking some SUPER personal questions.Youtuber logs out of Facebook,haunted for life. The youtuber gets on Instagram,to find that the same guy is still posting those disturbing comments. Youtuber goes to

Youtube account to only find that she's been hacked!! Scenario #2 A youtuber is about to post a video her fans have been begging her to do,that took her all week to make.She promised today would be the day she posted. Youtuber is talking on the phone with her friend. She isn't paying attention,and

accidentally presses delete. Youtuber doesn't notice until her followers ask her if she posted the video yet. She screeches in despair. Scenario #1 (Just so you guys know, this is the top worst thing that can probably happen.Brace yourselves.) Youtuber gets on youtube account,to find that their

parents have subscribed to their channel. The youtuber is puzzled. "How can they subscribe to my channel if the don't even know....OH MY FRICK!",they think,in a panic. He quickly check the videos posted. His parent posted a video!!!! 5 people had already unsubscribed!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

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