The White Phantom

      The White  Phantom summer-horror stories

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My entry for the summer horror contest. Sorry if it's bad. Enjoy.

The White Phantom

The sky was blue and cloudless,the sun pelting at the car window. The lake below shimmered like diamonds below an evening sun. It was a beautiful day,but Lisanna Trevor didn't want anything to do with it. She wanted to spend her summer at home,with her friends,drinking smoothies while the ac was blasting. If she were still home,she and

her friends would probably at Gretels,drinking midnight malts while listening to Granny Ally tell them stories. "Hey,Lisa!" Lisanna turned her glance toward her annoying twin brother. She rolled her eyes. "What Trevor?" "Do you think camp will have one of those weird kids?" I was about to open my mouth,when he said,"Oh yeah,

they'll have you." Trevor started to laugh. She gritted her teeth. "TREVOR!" "Trevor,stop being to mean to your sister back there!",her Mom called out. 1 more hour of torment,and then they were at camp.

"Lisa,you're smart.What does the sign right there say?",Trevor said pointing at a nearby sign. "You can read it."Lisanna replied. "No I can't,my dyslexia is acting up." "Ugh,fine. Lisanna read the letters ,pronouncing them slowly

"Camp Ochee-webonismakataka?" Trevor scratched his head. "Camp Obi-Wan Kanobi?" Lisanna straightened her backpack on her shoulders. "No.Camp Ochee-webonismak-nevermind." What appeared to be a camp counselor walked up to the twins. She looked about 15

with brown,green streaked hair. Her eyes were hazel,and she had a tan."Hi you guys! You must be Lisanna Trevor and Trevor...Trevor? No offense,but how'd you get the weird name?" Trevor shrugged. "My Dad wanted me to join the military when I got older,so since everyone calls you by your last name all the time,he named me by my last name so

I would feel more comfortable." 'Huh. Anyway I've got your cabin numbers right here,so you can go ahead and unpack." They got to their cabins where Lisanna unpacked and actually made a new friend. The real trouble started when they went to the camp fire.

"Does anyone have a story to tell?",the counselor asked,whose named appeared to be Amber. "I do!" Everyone turned to see a pale teenager with brown eyes and black hair. "Alright Logan come on up." As Logan approached the front,he tapped on Lisanna's back. She blushed.

"The year was 1995. Camp Ochee-webonismakataka had just opened. They were very popular. Everyone wanted to go. Hadleigh Taylor,the founder of the camp,wanted everyone to experience camp experience,so she had a open night,where the whole camp would sleep under the stars. Open night came. Everyone was having so much fun,but

that's when the trouble started. Two kids got a little bored,and decided to go into the Platinum Forest,which was strictly off limits. They did cartwheels and played tag.An hour passed. They got hungry.They tried to figure out the way home,but they couldn't.They were hopelessly lost. "

"Then all of a sudden,they heard a scratching noise. They turned around. No one was there. A twig snapped. They weren't alone. A leathery white demon wing slithered from under a bush,as it slowly crawled out from under the bush. When they saw it's whole body,the children screamed.

"Standing in front of them,was the most HORRID creature they had ever see. It had blue vipers for a mane. It had dragon wings,but the body of a white lion. One eye was icy blue while the other was hazel. It was so ugly,the kids passed out,leaving the creature with the kill. When they found the kids, their skin was as white as snow,and blue veins bulged

through their skin,hence the name White Phantom. Nobody has went into the forest ever since,and those who have,are found dead,blue veins and all." He looked up at the rest of the campers.Half of them were shaking,eyes wide.Except one person.

Amber cleared her throat. "Thank you Logan,for that,um...interesting story." She glanced at the horrified campers. "Well,I'm beat. Everybody to their cabins please." The campers obeyed,but seriously doubted they could sleep.

2 weeks went by. Lisanna befriended Logan and they developed a sort of fondness for each other. One night,they ventured into the woods. "Are you sure we should be doing this?",Lisanna asked. Logan looked back at her. "Are you scared of the white phantom? Because that was

just a story." "No,it's just that maybe I don't wanna go home early because I agreed to go into the woods in the middle of the night with some wood headed dingus." "We won't get caught. We didn't caught stealing three more ice cream cones from

the kitchen." Lisanna laughed. "That's different and you know it." " Aagh!" Lisanna turned around. Logan was on the ground crumpled and in pain. "Are you okay?" "Urgh-Lisa. You need to go back to camp.Now."

"No. I'm not leaving you here." "Camp is the only place you'll be safe." "From what? What are you talking about?" At this point,Logan was sweating and panting, his pale skin even paler,if possible.

The air filled with silence and tension,until an earsplitting screech broke it. Lisanna watched as Logan turned from a human being to a monster. The white phantom. It was- he- She never got to finish her shocking thought.

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