Speaking Different languages or tongues....I guess
Speaking Different languages or tongues....I guess

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Hey! This is todays daily prompt (I was super stumped,no judgement!). Anyways,hope u enjoy it!!

Speaking Different languages or tongues....I guess

Please guys,I know I've been gone for a good while,but I'm NOT dead. Also,username change worked!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad!!!I had such a freaking crummy username,sorry you had to look at it.

People say learning other languages is a good thing- I mean I completely agree. I just don't totally appreciate when somebody puts me in a room with a bajillion books and tell me,"Go learn a new language!!! All that new informal content out there in th-" SNORE. Sorry,fell asleep just thinkin' bout it. I remember this one time when my parents both had to work during winter break.

My baby sister was at her babysitter's house,but all the slots were filled,so we couldn't go with her. As a last minute resort, we ended up getting dropped off at one of my soccer team mates grandma's house. Anyway,we played with my soccer friend for a little bit and decided to watch some cartoons. We had been watching it for about 35 minutes,when the grandma checked in on us. She was hispanic,and I guess she didn't

like her grandkids watching english cartoons or something,because she changed the channel. My brother and I started to complain,because we couldn't understand what the show was saying. She said we should learn spanish,but she wasn't mean about it. She sounded like she was super enthusiastic and wanted to share her language with us. I was fine with this,but maybe don't be so sorta enforcive about it? I don't

know. Anyways, please comment below and tell me what languages (or language) you know. I will try to respond as soon as possible!!! I'm also wanting to TRY and start a short story series,so if you want/can ,please suggest ideas below. I'll try to post a sneak peek once I've decided what to write. Thanx for reading!

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