Selene Carly Oc Challenge (Again.)
Selene Carly Oc Challenge (Again.) oc challenge! stories

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Read if you want to use your head! (Olympian gods only.)

Selene Carly Oc Challenge (Again.)

Hi! So,I'm doing the Demigod oc post again,because it's just nice to have a little fun in your day. If you didn't read my last oc challenge, in the comments,you had the choice to make a demigod oc student for my new series ,Selene Carly's School For Demigods. This is optional,but it'd be really neat to have more

students! Of course,at the end of the chapter I use the oc in,I'll give credit to the person who came up with the oc. Here's an example of an oc description: Korinna Murphy Physical description: Black hair,fair skin,and green eyes. Personality: Very cheerful,and likes to help people.

Godly Parent: Athena Weapons/Powers: Katanas,strategic mindset,glamor/illusion At least that's how I do mine! Anyway,I'll let you guys go. Peace, Lizzy

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