P o p s i c l e s should be a love candy

              P o p s i c l e s  

 should be               a love candy 

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girlwhocandraw Just a misfit in this crazy world.
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Sorry if this isn't good! It's for the daily prompt!! Please give me some ideas for a series in the comments below!!!!

P o p s i c l e s should be a love candy

I grasp the candy in my hand I r e m e m b e r how we met By the nearby candy stand Watching the Sun set

I was sitting on the bench,crying at myself Listening to mean girls insults Fat. Ugly. Stupid. Elf. I was too heartbroken to consult

My friends or family Then you came,black hair and all And sat beside me You were too nice to walk away,to let me fall

"Why are you crying?" I look up and see y o u I had to bite my lip to keep from sighing I replied,

"Do you have any friends?"

You just blinked and laughed. "Why are you laughing at me?" You just smiled and said. "It's my philosophy.

If you laugh at your problems,it makes you feel better." I just stared at your hazel eyes Than I laughed,while you tugged at your sweater. You pointed to a stand selling candy and shaved ice

"Let's go get some sweets.",you said. I just nodded. Over to the stand we sped We started plotting

what we were going to get When the owner gave us two popsicles,cherry red We talked and ate as we waited for the bus

Author's note: Hope you liked the poem!!! Please give me suggestions for a series in the comments below. I'm trying to go outside my comfort zone,so hopefully I'll be able to get on that series soon!!! _LizzyWolfDrawz

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