Interviewing the 7 (Pjo)
Interviewing the 7 (Pjo) r.i.p jason stories

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Just interviewing the HOO team! This one's for my boy Jason Grace,who Rick killed off,but screw Rick.

Interviewing the 7 (Pjo)

Me: Hi everyone! It's your girl Liz here,and today I'm going to interview the Seven demigods. I'm pretty sure I don't have to introduce them. After all,they did kick giant butt and defeat Gaea and saved the world. People reading: ... Percy:That's hurtful.

Me: *siiiiiiiiggggghhhhh* Percy Jackson. Annabeth Chase.Hazel Levesque. Frank Zhang. Leo Valdez.Piper McLean,and Jason Grace. Frank: (Waves shyly.) Hi. Me: So,I have a few questions for you guys. Annabeth: Ask away.

Me: Who was the toughest person to live with on the Argo II? The six: Leo. Leo: Frank. ... Percy: Frank doesn't talk in his sleep.

Leo: Watch your mouth Waterboy. I have fists and I'm not afraid to use them. Percy: (Gets up from chair.) I'd like to see you try, you little- Hazel: Can you please move on to the next question? Me: Gladly. How'd you guys feel when Leo came back

Leo: Well,I got hit a b-OW!Piper! Piper: This is our question,not yours. Hazel: I think I was just relieved he wasn't dead. Annabeth: Agreed. Frank: I'm just saying I could have lived without him.....

Hazel: Fraannnkk! Me: Moving on. Favorite movies? Jason: Avengers End Game Hazel:The princess and the Frog Leo: Hugo Annabeth: Divergent. Piper: Hercules Frank:Madagascar. Annabeth:What about you

Percy? Percy: I'm not telling. Hazel: Not fair! We told you ours! Percy:NO. Annabeth: Fine,no blue food. Percy:WHAT? Annabeth:For 2 months.

Percy: *gasp* You monster!! How could you even think anything of the sort?! Annabeth: Don't test me.... Percy: Fine! (The group waits intently for his answer.) Percy: The Little Mermaid.

... Jason: What? Percy: You know,the little mermaid. It's a nice movie.Plus,Estelle likes it. Annabeth: Ummm... Me:Well that's all for today! Please comment below on whether we should have a

part two. Questions in the comments will also be allowed. Peace, Lizzy Leo: Wait! Don't we get free nachos after the interview!?

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