I got lost at the Carnival!!
I got lost at the Carnival!! we are young and make stupid mistakes stories

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Ever been lost?!

I got lost at the Carnival!!

When I was about 4 or 6,my siblings and I went to the carnival with our parents. I legit don't even know how I remember this crazy event, because I was a little young when it happened. It was just opening,so the rides weren't open yet,but they thought it'd be nice to just drop by and just let us look around. As kids, we pretty much just pointed at everything that was bigger

than we were. So,as you could already tell,my parents were getting split headaches,and they were probably having a million regrets about taking us here. Like,hey,the worst thing that can happen is the whole family gets lost and we get stranded at the carnival. It was so much worse.

My little sister was a baby back then,so my parents were trying to watch her AND their 2 oblivious children at the same time. They went to the bathroom to change our sister's diaper,and left us with I think our aunt. Well, I was freaking out,because nobody had told me where my parents were going and if they did it was very loud in the petting zoo we were in. My little brother

started to have a anorhism panic attack,and I DIDN'T want to contribute to any of that. So, I came up with the "genius" idea of SEARCHING for our parents. When our aunt wasn't looking, we strayed away to look for our parents. I don't know about you guys,but I live in San Angelo,and it's sort of a small town/city so a BUNCH of people were there. It was very crowded and I was starting to

get scared. I held my brother's hand as we basically just tried not to get trampled by large adults. We found ur parents,I got scolded for leaving our I think aunt behind, we got food and went home. What's the moral of the story? Don't wander off. Or don't go to carnivals. I'll let you decide.

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