Feathers are the Best Lucky Charms
Feathers are the Best Lucky Charms feather stories

girlwhocandraw Just a misfit in this crazy world.
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A 13 year old girl who's just lost her dad questions his love for her. In her unsureness she writes him a letter.

Feathers are the Best Lucky Charms

You called me dove. You said That we could stay like this You said you loved me


Why did you l e a v e me? Were you lying when you called me your little dove? Your life? Your world?

Your d a u g h t e r?

Tears cloud my vision while the orchids that you always loved swing calmingly slow with the wind. How can they be so beautiful?

Everything's broken now. They don't deserve to be beautiful. Nothing does. I take a deep breath and do what you always do in a time of crisis.

I begin to write.

Dear Daddy, It's been 3 days since you've been gone. Aunt Margaret keeps trying to cheer me up,but I think even she's crumbling on the inside. I still have that indian feather you gave me. Uncle Petro made it into a necklace. It goes beautifully with Mama's locket. I saw a nest of doves at your grave today,Daddy. Hopefully they

keep you and Mama company in heaven. What's she like? You've never shown me any pictures,except for your wedding one,and the veil covered her face. I keep asking Aunt Margaret ,but she keeps making excuses,so I was hoping you might. I know this is stupid,because you'll never see this letter,but it sort of makes me feel better to write all of this.

I hope you and Mama are having a grande time in heaven. Love, Dove I finish my letter. My heart swells with longing to hear your voice one last time.

I look at the mailbox beside the bench. This won't work. You're being stupid. I might as well try.

The next day I check the mail. Empty. The day after that. Empty. I give up. I knew it was stupid.

One day, Aunt Margaret hands me a baby blue envelope "It's for you",she said. I stare at it for a long time and open it. In blue ballpoint pen, letters shined on the paper.

My dear little D o v e,

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