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girlbobanderson 13/bi/weird but funny! dm me if u want
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One day your playing on a railroad track, you have fallen and your foot was trapped,


One day your playing on a railroad track,

you have fallen and your foot was trapped,

Mother saw and she got scared,

so out the door she and brother ran,

Mother pulled and brother pried,

but when he saw the train he cried,

One more time brother had tried,

but he knew it was time to say goodbye,

Brother once had pushed again,

"My foot is free" is what you said,

All of a sudden mother fell,

something was wrong by what you could tell,

your back is wet and your hands are red,

for then you knew that brothers dead,

I guess it never got through your head,

cause there you go playing there again,

once again you have fallen,

because of last time mothers balling,

She pushed and pulled and tried picking you up,

but then she realized that's not enough,

she checked her watch and it was around five,

for she had known that's when the train goes by,

and there is was right on time,

the same old train that came speeding by,

then right there mother knew what would be done,

so she did what could be done,

mother then counted to three,

then all of a sudden your foot was free,

you ran away from the railroad tracks,

and you kept on running not looking back,

once you made it to the house,

you ran inside and plopped on the couch,

you waited and waited for mom to come in,

but then got worried not knowing where she is,

you ran outside and called for her,

then you listen but there was no answer,

you ran around the house and looked,

then you went to where she last stood,

what you saw caused forever pain,

because your mother was hit by the train,

you finally got it through your head,

now that your mother and brother are dead,

cause of the pain you go insane,

your testing luck and your testing fate,

next thing you know your outside,

you check your watch and it's almost five,

you turn to the house and wave goodbye,

knowing that mother and brother's spirits inside,

you look to your left and look to your right,

seeing that the train is in sight,

The train driver slamed on the breaks,

but then he knew it was too late.

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