The Worst First Kiss
The Worst First Kiss first kiss stories

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Dear Diary, Let me tell you about my first kiss. It was last summer in July and me and my family was camping, when we go back this weekend it will be the start of our 6th year camping there.

The Worst First Kiss

Dear Diary,

Let me tell you about my first kiss. It was last summer in July and me and my family was camping, when we go back this weekend it will be the start of our 6th year camping there.

I had met this amazing family which I will not say the last name of due to privacy, but they have a pretty big family.

I was best friends with their daughter because well for one she was nice and two her birthday was on the exact same day as mine.

Now their daughter, Anna, had 4 other brothers, Cody which was younger than her, Cole the one a few years older than her, Jake the second oldest,

and TayTay who is the oldest and he actually went to work with the army so thank you TayTay. Their family had been camping there for a long time so they were already there for our first year.

I started hanging out with Anna a few days after getting settled there, then one day she took me to meet her family.

Up until about a month left of the camping season I had hung out with her and her brother Cody, Now see because Cody and I hung out so much we ended up having a crush on each other so we dated.

Our relationship was an off-and-on thing because we live far apart and because he ended up being a total heart-breaker,

But we had gotten back together at least 3 times before the day it happened. One day when we got back together me and his siblings have hung and we all played truth or dare.

When it was my turn I chose dare of course cause I'm not a wimp, but they dare us to kiss. Now understand I'm 13 and have never kissed any of my boyfriends before so this was my first time.

Because I was a good girlfriend I went and talked in private to him about it because I won't kiss him unless he was ready and wanted to.

So we ended up telling them that we weren't ready and we needed some time, so they gave us until the end of the day and when that time came we were ready.

It started getting dark so me, him, and his siblings all went back to their campsite and we played manhunt.

(manhunt is just like hide-and-seek except for you play this at night and with no lights).

He and I went and hid in his treehouse they had and the others went off in other directions, we sat and whispered to each other then out of nowhere he says kiss me.

I was shocked because this was my first kiss and we have been together numerous times and he was ready, so of course, I kissed him and then it was time for me to go back to my campsite.

The next morning I went off with some friends to the park waiting for him to wake up,

when he did he was with some friends so I didn't bother to hang out with him cause well always give each other space now and then.

When he had wakened up it was like 11, and he hung out with his friends for 2 hours so now it was like 1.

He ended up coming to me and wanted to talk so I said ok let's talk, and that's when the worst thing happened.

The reason he had come to me was that he wanted to leave me again, and being the type of person I am I just smiled and said ok like everything was fine and walked away.

I have some pretty good friends there so I went to the one who was the closest and good thing it was the one who understood me.

I went to her and we processed what had just happened and I started to cry. I cried for about 3 minutes and then went to tell all my friends and hung out with them then.

It was now about 4 and I was still with my friends and that's when cory tried to come and talk to me but every time he tried me and my friends would walk away until he finally gave up.

And now to this day, I am now bisexual and is living a happy life.



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