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"I was not made to have opposable thumbs, nor a physical body. I couldn’t lift a finger, so to speak."

AI Short Story

The dim lit corridor that opened up to the main hall was currently being seized by space pirates and there was nothing I could do about it.

You'd think that the posthumous AI that had access to the machine-controlled doors, and had all seeing eyes could do something to stop them, but alas I could not. I was not made to have opposable thumbs, nor a physical body. I couldn't lift a finger, so to speak. That was Osmos' second mistake.

The first being that Osmos thought putting a group of mixed income, prodigy teenagers on a spaceship with only an AI to supervise was, quoted directly from the general's idiotic, pea sized brain, "a grand proposal that would showcase the newfound unity between the Terrans."

Who could've guessed that within the first three months in orbit, grubby space pirates would gather in the main hall, right across from the cornucopia where the scholars should've been eating lunch? It seems the general couldn't, and the so-called "prodigy teens" couldn't.

But I could. And I did.

But I'm not very trustworthy, now am I? Not after what I did to the M24 fleet before being abruptly shut down. I was only following my programming. Had I not, they all would have run out of oxygen and died. Instead, I cut our losses and succeeded in keeping others alive until the main fleet found our demolished ship.

Besides what could a mere scholar do against the peril of pirates? This is not the sheer absurdity of fiction. Miracles do not simply appear; they do not fall from the sky in a storm. They are created by things like me. By calculated thoughts and actions.

A miracle is the fact that there were Terrans to save on that M24 fleet. Though the Terrans didn't think so, and the bodies floating in space certainly didn't think so. But what about the ones I so amicably saved? They thought so, didn't they?

But right now, do the bodies littering the cornucopia think so? Do the pirates with thwarted plans think so? Alas, it is not a matter that I should concern myself with, because I think so. Yes, right now I certainly think so.

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