Salty Tears
Salty Tears sad stories

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You left me, left me for the waves.

Salty Tears

I never thought you would leave, abandon me. I still remember your body warmth as you wrapped your arms around me. Heard you sigh with content as the ship swayed back and forth.

But I also remember you rushing out of our room, a dark superman t-shirt and matching shorts pulled tightly against your skin.

Your black curly hair was matted to your face, the wind whipping it around widely before it was stuck on your forehead with cold sweat.

You opened the door, water rushing through the room, the bed covers already soaked with saltwater. My eyes were foggy, the rain from the storm hitting my face full force, causing me to squint.

You screamed, "Don't come outside Laura!" He rushed out of the door, the storm engulfing his figure.

He left the door open, screams resounding from outside, most coming from women and their children. I lay there for a moment, the bitter water seeping through my clothes, entering my veins.

Tristan's body heat was gone, dissipated from the cold. I was shocked, knowing only moments before we were together, sharing our love, being content.

Who knew life could change in a matter of moments.

It took me a few seconds to jump off of the bed and run after him, my caramel brown hair flying everywhere. The minute I stepped out of the doorway, chaos spread through every inch of my body.

Children were holding the railings, crying for their mothers, crew members racing back a forth, pulling ropes and grabbing as many people they could to safety.

Looking all over, I couldn't find Tristan, the rain hitting my face like a hammer. The boat rocked back and forth, like a rollercoaster but nowhere near as fun or secure.

I ran straight ahead, hoping with dear life that I would run into Tristan and we could get to safety. Get to safety together.

Slipping on the wet wood floors, I kept upright with pure passion to find Tristan. I had to find him, I had to. Then I stopped.

I was near the end of the vessel, a few feet from the railings.

From this distance, I could see the raging waves crashing into the boat, the water high enough to go over the rails, soaking my legs.

I squinted but I could see his dark, black hair clearly through the storm. My eyes widened with genuine horror as I saw my true love was standing at the edge of the ship, preparing to jump off.

His pajamas flew gently through the terror of the wind, as if he was on a quiet beach, instead of in the middle of the ocean.

"Tristan!' I yelled, true desperation shown through my features. He froze and turned around, looking at me with those deep blue ocean eyes.

His face was peaceful, determined, as if he just made an important decision. He then smiled, his eyes greeting me with the man I learned to love.

I reached out my hand, preparing to pull him back to me, but he straightened his face. With one more look, he jumped off the edge, my screams echoing off the ocean waves and the dark clouds.

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