Jerrid, the Friendly Dragon
Jerrid, the Friendly Dragon dragon stories

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The story of Jerrid, the friendly dragon.

Jerrid, the Friendly Dragon

With wings of fire, the dragon soared above the clouds. His body was a brilliant red, white polka dots covering his exterior from the "Witch's Accident". This dragon was unique above the rest.

While he could spread fire and destruction more than a couple miles away, he instead brought love and peace to everyone he met. He was a friendly dragon, always helping others.

Jerrid, the helpful dragon they called him.

Stories spread about him all over the countryside, how he used his incredible strength to help build homes for the homeless, how he used his mighty roar to keep citizens safe from danger.

He had many friends, all being citizens he's helped. But while he brought peace and harmony to the countryside, he also brought danger.

Danger to dragons who believed humans were just worthless scum. With dragons anger, comes massive destruction.

Cities burned to a crisp, millions upon millions of deaths caused. Jerrid was miserable, feeling as if he caused this, and the anger from some who believed it to be true didn't help.

Jerrid started feeling left out, unloved from his dragon family and friends who disowned him for hanging out with humans.

But through all of this, there was one person who was always by Jerrid's side. One human who thought Jerrid was like any other person, someone who deserved love and respect.

Her name was Gianna, a girl that showed beauty and grace. Every man wanted her, her shiny, gold hair cut to her shoulders, her green laced cloak always covering her entirety except her face.

Her smile shined more than a dragon's scales, her bright green eyes laced with bravery and skill. Her fighting was out of this world, her diamond-infused sword always going for the heart.

But with this skill and love, others despised her. Either they were jealous of her or because she always hung out with a dragon, Jerrid.

Jerrid loved Gianna and Gianna loved Jerrid. Gianna would always go to Jerrid's cave and make him dinner from her latest hunt.

They would eat, share stories about their day, and about the troubles that bothered them. But through each meal, came with happiness that bestowed in both Jerrid and Gianna's features.

And while people thought Gianna could only fight and kill, others didn't know that she could play guitar.

After every dinner, Gianna would get Jerrid all cozied up for bed and sang him to sleep, her guitar sending a melody through the dragon's heart with pure love.

Gianna and Jerrid didn't care what others felt, as long as they had each other. With a heart filled of stone, there was lava seeping out of the cracks, making a heart of gold.

The heart of a dragon and his warrior princess.

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