Top 10 most useful advice on life...from yours truly :D
Top 10 most useful advice on life...from yours truly :D advice stories
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Hello world! Welcome to my top 10 most useful advice!

Top 10 most useful advice on life...from yours truly :D

Hello world!

Welcome to my top 10 most useful advice!

Let's dive right in, from the beginning.

Number 1:

Number 1: When you're young, try to find a sport you're into, and figure out a way to eat healthy.

Number 2:

Number 2: Okay, you might be an introvert, but try get yourself a little group of friends. Life is so much easier when you have trustworthy, reliable friends to help you get through it.

Number 3:

Number 3: When you get older, you probably get some friction with your parents. A lot more yelling than needed? Try talking to them. Or, if you have trouble with that, at least acknowledge how much they care about you. They do so much, but it's so hidden.

Number 4:

Number 4: Stay in school. All the way through college. Unless, you find a passion that college doesn't help you with. But mostly, college is important.

Number 5:

Number 5: Stay healthy through your whole life to live longer. Don't drink regularly. It's obviously okay in Church, or other special occasions, but otherwise, don't drink. Also, don't do drugs. (Unless your doctor tells you to, please listen to your doctor!) You can't get addicted if you don't try them in the first place!

Number 6:

Number 6: Though not making mistakes is impossible, and I'm sure many try not to... It's okay to mess up every once and a while. If you never do anything wrong, you'll never learn. If you get everything right all the time, you won't learn life-lessons. You won't survive on your own. (From experience, but not always true..) Don't mess up on purpose, but if you do, don't worry about it.

Number 7:

Number 7: So many people have anxiety over tests! Believe it or not. Lemme tell you guys a secret, not every test determines your fate. There is no death sentence if you get something wrong. Don't worry. Even in the finals, because worrying leads to loss. You will lose control, comfort, and mess up.

Number 8:

Number 8: This is the most common thing to hear, yet the MOST needed to hear! DO SOMETHING TO HELP YOUR MIND OVER THE SUMMER! SO easy, yet people make it so hard! Do 5 math problems a day! Read half an hour a day, AT LEAST. Do something. Even if you are "sure" you won't fall behind...better safe than sorry, am I right?

Number 9:

Number 9: Don't compare yourself to people. This is literally the easiest thing to do. See someone and tell yourself "My God they are pretty. I'll never be like that." Well, guess what? You are beautiful just the way you are, and you don't have to change a thing- Sorry I had to do that. Anyway, seriously, you think people are judging you?

Well, I can ASSURE you that very few people look at you and think "ew." Like seriously, no one actually cares.

Number 10:

Number 10: This may not be my advice, but I'm going to link a video that really helped me with my Depression. Just watch it `til the end.

Thank you for reading, and I hoped this helped you somehow.

(BTW since you can't actually copy the link, I'll put it in the comments. Just look down there for me! <3)

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