The Sadness of Loneliness and Vise Versa
The Sadness of Loneliness and Vise Versa alone stories

ginger_night Walk into the sea.
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This was a challenge, yet every word mentioned is true...

The Sadness of Loneliness and Vise Versa

The sadness of loneliness is intended.

You are intended to be sad because you are lonely.

The sadness of loneliness isn't always there though.

Some people just don't like noise, they like to be alone.

Therefore, the sadness of loneliness is as fake as friends for that person.

Friends are another thing to cause loneliness.

Yeah, you're thinking I'm crazy,

you're about to leave the story,

give me hate in the comments,

but truly friends only cause more loneliness in the long run.

Of course, it is easily avoided.

When a friend leaves,

you are lonely.

When they seem to hang out with someone more than you,

you are lonely.

But, yet again, the sadness of loneliness can be prevented.

Also, the loneliness of sadness is yet another thing to worry about.

Many people feel lonely because they are sad.

But then they feel sad that they're lonely.

But they are lonely because they often feel like no one else is sad.

And I feel these feelings every single excruciating second of my life.

As it gradually gets worse, and worse, and worse until I can't take it,

and it feels like my whole life is spinning out of control.

Like my legs are far too weak to hold me.

Like everything good in my life was taken away.

Like death was an inch away, but refused to come any closer.

Like a storm on the verge of ending, but decides to stay on day longer.

And everything becomes blurry with tears, and I feel hot, and I want to throw up.

I feel like death is so close to me,

yet it just won't come.

I am so sad that I'm lonely.

But I am so lonely that I'm sad.

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