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ginger_night Walk into the sea.
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What happened to me this morning at school. Read this to find out how it unfolded, and how I solve it. I was truly sorry.


I look at my friends, and see it in their eyes,

I had hurt them, with my words.

I am truly sorry.

But, they don't know that.

I call myself stupid, I say I'm an idiot,

I say I'll do anything to make it up.

My friends are worth more than the world.

I'm writing this (actually) true event, because...

I am truly sorry. I know no way to make it up to them.

When I look at myself in the mirror,

All I see is an idiot who can't watch her mouth.

I want to make it up to them,

But a lot is going on in my life.

I want to see their smile again.

I can't.

I am miserable.

I never meant to hurt them.

I only tell this to the world, because I want my friends to know:

They are worth more silver, diamonds, or gold anyone in the universe could offer,

And when I hurt them, I feel hurt myself.

I don't deserve to be forgiven.

You, you deserve someone much better than I ever could be.

I'll never be anywhere near your standards.

I don't even trust myself to talk to you anymore.

I am sorry...

And, I don't know how to fix it.

I miss you, I loved you, Signed, your one and only ex-friend.

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