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ginger_night Walk into the sea.
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Just a talk about rules.


There are rules for a reason. No, they aren't restrictive. Yes, they free us. Sure, you probably disagree. Yes, I know you want to know my train of thought. Yes, I will explain.

Let's talk about laws for example. One thing that is illegal (almost everywhere) is killing someone else. Is this restrictive? No, all it's doing is allowing people to live their lives. This law does not stop you from living your life.

Now let's talk about a relationship. There's one thing universal about them. You shouldn't cheat on your partner. This isn't a restrictive rule. It doesn't stop you from loving someone.

Let's talk about highways. Almost everywhere, speeding is illegal. All this does is make it a little bit safer on the already deadly highways. Is this a restrictive rule? No. You can still drive on the highway.

Let's talk about school rules. You aren't supposed to be rude to your teachers. This is sort of common sense, just be kind to everyone you can, or at least everyone who will let you. Anyway, is this restrictive? No. You are still able to learn.

Do you understand what I mean now if you didn't already? We have rules for a reason, and yeah sometimes they're dumb, unreasonable but they're there and we can't usually change them. All I ask of you is to have a positive mindset of rules, not that they are unfair and restrictive, but allow you be to safe and free.

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